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Upcoming events

September 13, 2017 - Dwayne Estes​, Director of the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative. More details on the meeting will be listed on the Meetings page.

Plant conservation in the news

On Valentine's Day, Representative Quigley (D-IL) introduced bill H.R. 1054 "To promote botanical research and botanical sciences capacity, and for other purposes", affectionately known as the "Botany Bill". For more information, check out the official bill here. A summary of the main points of the bill is here. A press release about the bill from Representative Quigley is here. We encourage Cooperators who are so inclined to let their representatives know about the bill and the importance of native plants! As of yet there is no Senate companion bill. Look for more information on our Botany Bill page.

The 2017 National Native Seed Conference was a great success! Check out an example from the Conference about using the right seed in the right place at the right time here!


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