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Plant conservation in the news

We are pleased to present the Regional Winners of the American Icons art challenge to honor native plants that represent the uniqueness of America’s landscapes and culture!  

The original pieces of art shown here  were selected from among 100 entries submitted by K-12 students, and have been automatically entered into a national runoff to select a single artwork to emblazon a commemorative coin celebrating 25 years of the Plant Conservation Alliance. We will announce the winning art piece in May! To promote impartiality during the national runoff, the identities of the artists have been masked. Once the voting is complete, we will attribute the submissions according to the National Fairchild Challenge Rules and Program Policy. 

Click on each image to read the artist's statement!




About the Challenge 

In collaboration with the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, the Plant Conservation Alliance celebrates 25 years of advancing the conservation of native plants and their communities with this national art competition depicting iconic U.S. native plants across the United States and its Territories. This competition was launched as part of the 2021-2022 Fairchild Challenge, an award-winning, interdisciplinary, environmental science competition designed to engage students of diverse interests, abilities, talents, and backgrounds to explore the natural world. The PCA Federal Committee judged the Regional competition, and the PCA nonfederal Cooperators have been invited to select the national winner. 

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